is a company of Sicilian craftsmen, from many different fields, whose professionality, originality, business sense and openness to change is predominant.

Our group is characterized by a single thread that leads our craftsmen to reflect on the artistic expression of Sicily in history. They create original pieces that through materials, signs and colours conjure up this island.

"This island, in the middle of the Mediterranean, has such a variety of physical features. A little land with a vast collection of rocks, clays, lava, minerals, mountains , volcanoes, hills, quarries, highlands and plains.
Therefore it has a rich variety of cultivation, woods, olive groves, vineyards, arid areas and sands. Throughout history, it is as if there has been a wish to imitate this nature. A never ending line of races and civilizations have passed through the island never amalgamating but each leaving their own different traces. From this fusion Sicily goes searching for its own cultural identity." (based on the novel of Vincenzo Consolo-Di qua dal faro- pages.9-10.)

Contact with this land, rich in the beauty of original expression, helps thoughts to become feelings of love.

In a society that keeps giving us mass produced goods, the craftsman continues using traditional techniques and materials but creates new forms and produces imaginative pieces.

Each of our objects, although based on traditional or patented models, is an original piece created in the workshop.

handmade goods that bear witness to what changes that which remains.


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